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Mana Zan is a tourism adventure company based in the iconic island of Zanzibar. Mana is described as the spiritual force, energy or healing power that permeates the universe. The famous Archipelago Zanzibar herself gives you her magical mana the first time you set foot on the Island. 

From the rich robust history of the old stone paved streets of Stone-town to her turquoise water and fine sand beaches, it is clear that she fills all the criteria for a peaceful and relaxation spot for adventure seekers, and a second home for anyone seeking to have a great experience.

Tours & Activities


Stone Town Tour

Stone town is an area filled with a long history of slave trading as well as a rich colonial heritage.

Prison Island Tour

The Island’s name originated from the initial planning of establishing a prison. It was used for a brief time in the 1860s….

Spice Tour

Zanzibar, the Spice Island famously known of it’s growing assortment of spices, also flowers, herbs, ornamental plants…

Nakupenda Tour

Nakupenda is the swahili slang for I love you, Te amo, Kocham Cię, Jeg elsker dig, Kei te aroha au ki a koe…..

Jozani Forest Tour

Jozani forest, also known for the Chwaka Bay National Park that is the only found national park found in Zanzibar…

Safari Blue Tour

Your full-day safari experience will start by board shipping from Fumba village on a customary dhow introduced…

Dolphin Sporting

Swimming with several pods of humpback dolphins or bottlenose dolphins, offers you the best experience of a lifetime…..


Tours to Zanzibar included courses for swimming from those who have never been diving to very experienced certified divers; fun diving, discover scuba diving, open water (e-learning)…

More Tours & Activities

  • Swimming With Sea Turtles

  • Snorkeling Mnemba Atoll

  • Big Game Fishing

  • Horse Riding

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