Mana Zan is a tourism adventure company based in the iconic island of Zanzibar. The famous Archipelago Zanzibar herself gives you her beauty the time you set foot on the Island.

From the rich robust history of the old stone paved streets of Stone-town to her turquoise water and fine sand beaches, it is clear that she fills all the criteria for a peaceful and relaxation spot for adventure seekers, and a second home for anyone seeking to have a great experience.


Our team of experts are committed to providing you with an unforgettable and life changing experience. 

The team is comprised of Tanzanian’s born and bred highly intelligent individuals with unique experience in the hospitality business, quality, service delivery, and international advising.

From the beaches of Zanzibar to the wilds of the Serengeti, their wealth of knowledge and customer skills spanning over a combined 20 years will leave you always wanting to come back to Zanzibar.


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